9:00 PM21:00

Beta Test Starring Connor Meade

Welcome to another night at Trixies Bar for standup comedy! Beta Test is where I reward comedians who have been working very hard in the scene and in life with…. a lot more minutes than they’ve gotten before. It’s a whole lot of fun to put pressure on people, isn’t it? $5

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8:00 PM20:00

The Main Event

I’m working at the Independent Comedy Club every friday and Saturday night but tonight especially is fun because I’m hostin the main event! It’s a night of features as we have Moe Eazy closing it out and sets from Steve Hansen and Johanna Medranda.

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8:30 PM20:30

Netfl*x Spec*al at Trixie's Bar $5

Netfl*x Spec*al the Completely Arbitrarily Decided Contest III. This show is an experimental comedy show that’s a different kind of show every time. Tonight every comic gets at least 3 minutes but the judges decide how long… so the longest set wins.

10:30-11pm We have a late nite edition of New Material Oversharing… so it’s new material and I’m peer pressuring you to overshare while you do it.

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to Apr 6

The Independent Comedy Club

It’s the Grand Opening Weekend of the Independent Comedy Club. Me and the rest of the team have this going for you and you can get tickets now at

April 5: 8pm Sam Rager Album Release Party

9pm Eddie Pepitone

10:45 The Comfort Zone with Hailey Zureich, Ken Witzgall, Sam Rager & Mat Richards

April 6: 8pm Live Big Time Garbage Podcast

9pm Honorary Mentions presents Josh Adams with Jeff Horste

11pm Power Hour

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